As we spend our final night thinking back on the trip and everything we have done, learned and felt, we find it hard to condense it all into a suitable final post. So instead we are offering a few words of reflection from each one of us. This has been an incredible week, and we thank you for sharing in on all the DR camp/trip magic.

“We have been waiting for this trip for a year and now it is over. It’s easy to say ‘That went by quickly,’ and dwell on the end, but the amount of things we felt and accomplished during this trip are indescribable. We are 1,000.000 times richer today than we were before.” -Samantha Wilner

“There are truly no words to express the immense impact of this trip. The positive energy and infectious joy of these children will forever remain an inspiration.” – Allie Burrows

“I will think back to this trip as the time of my life. It was the perfect mix between having fun and gaining wisdom and maturity.” -Ethan Libo

“In simplest form, this experience has been incredible and I wouldn’t be surprised if I came back in the next few years to work and help even more kids. I truly didn’t expect to walk out of this experience with a different appreciation, but I have learned that in order to be happy and smiling, one doesn’t need much.” – Rachel Waxenberg

“Going into this trip I knew it would be fun but was unaware of the incredible impact it would have. Walking out of camp after giving hugs to teary-eyed kids I was grateful to have touched these lives and have this bittersweet ending. Working with these kids was not only beneficial for them, but a lesson for me that I will continue to carry on.” -Ellie Klein.

“Even across an ocean, camp brings people together.” -Zach Hollander.

“Going into this I wasn’t sure what to expect, but seeing all of the kids’ parents so proud and happy during the final day celebration touched my heart. Even though I don’t speak Spanish I was able to create amazing connections with the kids. I will truly miss the kids and am sad to leave. I hope they do great things.” – Lilly Recht

“This trip has been talked about for a year and I had no clue what to expect. I have come out of this trip feeling accomplished and changed. These kids have made me appreciate what I have and I will always remember it.” – Sarah Mandel.

“Words are the least important part of communication. We were able to connect with the kids even with a language barrier.”

“I came into this trip nervous that the language barrier would be an issue and would prevent me from bonding with the kids, but I became so close with so many kids that I will always remember. I came to the realization that these kids were so fortunate that we were here and I felt so fortunate to help guide them. They will forever inspire me to give back and help me learn how to improve to also be a great counselor next year.”- Mackenzie Press

“This trip I’ve done things I’d never thought I’d do and seen things I never thought I’d see. I feel honored to have such a fulfilling experience.”

“This trip was nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. I am so grateful for being able to have these opportunities; they were truly life changing. I have learned so much and these lessons will stay with me forever, and to experience this with my camp friends was absolutely perfect. The end of this trip was bitter-sweet in the best way.”-Gaby Phillips

“Even from so far away, I still felt the spirit and liveliness of camp. This trip not only greatly exceeded my expectations, but helped me understand and relate to those less-fortunate.” -Benjamin Pace

“‘The greatest cruelty is our casual blindness to the despair of others’-  A song by La Dispute. Throughout this trip I’ve seen a tiny portion of what goes on in these kids’ daily life. This trip has made me personally realize how lucky I am as well as recognize the way in which these kids live happily with so little. Peace, love, empathy.”- Izzy Rosen

“As a 16 year old girl who has rarely left the U.S. it is safe to say that I was super excited for this trip. I was excited for the touristy things like zip lining and snorkeling, but never did I imagine how impactful the camp would be. It was hard to say goodbye. As I was giving my last hug to a boy I made a strong bond with he noticed I was crying. He held my hands, wiped my tears and gazed into my eyes. I know I’ve left a lasting impact on their lives, but they will never know how they’ve changed mine.” -Samara Edelson

“The last nine days have been a fun, unique, experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. Being able to observe and bond with these less-fortunate kids was a learning experience for all of us. As I speak Spanish, I really enjoyed talking and learning about these children’s entirely different lives.” – Alex Jaramillo

“This trip allowed me to step out of my comfort zone. The bonds I forged with the kids are ones I will always carry with me. I will never forget how much they embraced the camp and how appreciative they were for all we did together.” -Sammi Salmirs

“The smiles that I was greeted with every morning from 60 amazing kids as our bus pulled up to the camp will never be forgotten and I feel so fortunate knowing that my peers and I were the ones putting those smiles on their faces. It’s too easy to fall back into our normal routines after such an event like this one, but the adjustment period is not. It’s not easy to adjust knowing that the people you bonded with and kids you grew to love don’t have the necessities we can’t live without. Thank you to every last person who made this trip possible for the CITs and for opening up this new piece of the world to us.” – Amanda Hartstein

“This trip was a very amazing experience for all of us and I really enjoyed it. It helped me realize what other people go through around the world. Finally, Color War was very intense and the kids were really involved and my team The Yellow Fish won!!! Lets go Yellow Fish!”- Balthazar Cheyrou

“Starting the trip off with showers that lasted only five seconds and no air conditioning I realized how good we have it at home. But as soon as we met the kids I realized that none of those things really matter. These kids show up with a smile on their face every day and have taught me to appreciate everything that I have and the things that matter most in life. I’m so lucky to have been given this opportunity and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” -Alexa Jacobson

“This trip was a remarkable experience and will impact my life greatly. I learned valuable lessons that involved maturity and leadership. My eyes have also been opened up to a reality that I have never before seen first hand. I am now more grateful for what I have. This trip will change my perspective.” – Sam Josephson

“I feel so grateful to have been given the opportunity to see a different part of the world. The bonds I have made with these kids are ones I will never forget. Today, when we were saying goodbye to the kids I got more emotional than I thought I would and so did the kids. Seeing them like that made me realize how much of an impact we made on their lives and I will forever be grateful for being able to do so.” – Halle Phillips

“This trip inspired me beyond any words can describe. I am so so thankful to have participated in the DREAM Project where we as a group could have potentially changed some kids’ lives. In simplest terms, I learned so much from this trip and experiencing it hopefully made me into a better person and will forever inspire me to make a difference in other people’s/kids’ lives.”- Rebecca Harris


One thought on “Trip 2015, FINAL THOUGHTS

  1. I wasn’t there, but with the words of these beautiful people I learn a lot also,
    I am very proud of my granddaughter Nicole, she is not that little girl anymore
    but she is a great woman full of love and with a big HEART . God Bless all the people that
    made this trip. Ernesto


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