Dominican phrase of the day: “Tranqui” short for “tranquilo” aka calm and chilling.

It was another phenomenal day at the camp, with even more kids from the neighborhood joining in on the fun. Today’s activities included:

1. BBK on our newly painted basketball court! BBK is a kickball/basketball combo (a longtime fave at Scatico) and the DR camp kids loved it (although the backboards are still a work in progress, and will be redone by a professional hired with some of the money DREAM gets from our trip).

BBK on our fresh court.
BBK on our fresh court.

2. Picture day! We may not have the Pagoda and Cory Schwartz available to us, but we do have Nick Goodacre, Rachel’s polaroid camera, and a palm tree! Each kid had their photo taken outside, and had to shake it (like a polaroid picture), and decorated a frame to bring it home! There were lots of foam shapes and letters involved.

Proudly displaying their photos!
Proudly displaying their photos!

IMG_8688 IMG_8669

3. Learning animals in English. We kept it simple with fish, shark, snake, dog and spider (pronunciation is hard!) and then played games. (The animal names and colors will come in handy for the Color War team names we are planning for our last day!)

We find that as they days go on we discover more and more about the personalities of our campers (the one who will find any excuse to use a glue stick, the ones who have a knack for English, the jokesters, the serious ones, the one who brings us star fruits from his dad’s stands, and over fifty more.) It’s amazing how all the games we love from camp can translate so easily and that the campers can jump into it with such enthusiasm. Each day as we get ready to leave the campers ask us when we will be back. So many have shared how their arts n crafts projects are displayed in their homes or how they are teaching the games they’ve learned with us to younger siblings and friends.

Following camp we went back to the hotel for a jump in the pool before heading off to Monkey Jungle for zip lining! Monkey Jungle is not only a tourist attraction, but some of the proceeds go to a clinic that serves the local community with free health care, and it’s also a monkey hospital. Once we all got into our harnesses we met our zip lining crew of guides aka celebs (Will Smith, Jay Z “in search of his Beyonce,” Obama, Akon, Chris Brown, Wyclef Jean, Michael Jackson “reborn,” and Wesley Snipes.)  The zip lining tour consisted of seven lines, two suspension bridges, and one “free fall into a bat cave,” (which sounded a lot more intimidating than it actually was). Shout out to Allie Burrows, Ellie Klein and Sarah Mandel who conquered their fears of heights!

Watching fellow CITS across the first zip line.
Watching fellow CITS across the first zip line.


After zip lining we headed back to the basketball court for some more final touches (we’re adding a CS logo under one of the baskets courtesy of Allie and Gaby) and then went back to the hotel for dinner.

Ready for our final day of camp rotations before… 1, 2, 3, 4 WE WANT COLOR WAR!

The CITs


One thought on “Trip 2015, DAY 6: MONKEYING AROUND

  1. Love your blogs — sounds like the CITS are having an amazing experience! Thanks for sharing it with all of us.


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