Quote of the day (this one is actually a cheer): “KILO!! (clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, woooooo!” – We are not actually sure what it exactly means, but Adonis taught it to us and it’s done whenever we do something great as a group. This mornings camp activities ended with a big KILO!

Dominican phrase of the day: “Un chin” aka a little bit

Livin the Scatico DReam!

Today was a particularly exciting day in the DR as we officially began the camp program! We rolled into Sabaneta on our bus for a 9 am start, and met fifty excited and ready campers. (Ok, so a few trickled in late…but, no bugles here, so not their fault.) We divided ourselves and the kids into three groups with each starting at one of our three stations: English, Arts n Crafts, and Sports! Each group spends 45 minutes at their station and then rotates all together, so we are constantly on the move. Coincidentally DREAM provided us with grey staff shirts, and the campers with green! Match made in Scatico heaven. Morning activities included:

1. Spud (a Scatico favorite, and new to the DR!)

Whispering SPUD numbers.
Whispering SPUD numbers.


2. Friendship web and “hello my name is” stickers in English to learn how to introduce themselves

Introduction friendship web.
Introduction friendship web.

3. Collages to represent their names in arts n crafts


Following a lunch at a local chicken spot (during which we brought back old girls side classic hand game ASA) we returned to the camp for another set of activities, including friendship bracelets (lots of undone bracelet mini-disasters… “The sound of beads falling, is the sound of a breaking heart.”- Alexa Jacobson), kickball, and a color scavenger hunt.  We made our first camper-counselor bonds and shared our first camper-counselor hugs. Plus even the least Spanish-inclined of us is confident in how to say “Make a line” “Come here” “Do you need help?” “scissors” and “ball” in Spanish.






After the camp was over we went for a dip in the pool to cool off before basketball court phase 2! We needed to put some final touches on our work in progress, and as the sun was setting it was generally a less sweaty affair than basketball court phase 1.

Covered in paint and hungry we had our final meal at INFOTEP hotel before moving on to….Kite Beach Hotel! Let’s just say it’s definitely an upgrade.

Can’t wait for camp day 2! Hasta pronto!

The CITs



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