Quote of the day: “Only boring people get bored,” random passerby on beach.

Dominican phrase of the day: “Buen provecho” aka bon appetit

Just a little different than the Twin Lakes.

Nothing like a lazy Sunday…. Today we enjoyed some rest and relaxation before camp begins mañana! Our day started off with a trip to Laguna Gri Gri, where we took a boat through a lagoon and travelled for a bit along the coast. We felt very “Pirates of the Caribbean” and explored the inside of a cave, before jumping off the boat into “La Piscina”- a cove that is so calm it could be a pool (hence the name.) Writing messages in the sand, exploring another cave, mollusk and sea urchin encounters, and too many faux Sports Illustrated photo shoots, were among some of the highlights.

Group shot in La Piscina.
The photo shoots begin.

Following Laguna Gri Gri we traveled to Playa Grande, a nearby beach and one of the most beautiful on the island. Again we were greeted with coconut drinks (a recurring theme) and tried some of the local candies (raw sugar and coconut, ginger, peanut and chocolate concoctions) before lunch. Post lunch provided us all with a lesson in haggling, as we browsed the tchotchke booths. Best purchases of the afternoon:

  1. A wooden dolphin statuette (a gift from the boy CITs to Quinn Croland. The dolphin has an eye of questionable size but was successfully bargained down to $10)
  2. Shark tooth necklaces (welcome back to 2002)
  3. A thimble (a gift from Nick Goodacre to his nan who has a collection. Pretty miraculous a thimble with a map of the DR was on sale in a sea of seashell necklaces, but Samara spotted it and Nick purchased for $1).
  4. Hair braiding! (Corn rows were banned for scalp-burning reasons)

Beach time also included Frisbee and catch in the ocean, body surfing, the boys digging a really deep hole, the boys burying Lily in said hole, napping, reading, and napping some more.

Playa Grande.
Making friends.

We finished our lazy day with a trip into the town of Cabarete where we went out to an Italian restaurant (oddly enough, but a nice break from rice and beans) followed by ice cream at Helado Bon (no Holy Cow but we’ll take it.)

More sunsets and smiles.
More sunsets and smiles.

Back at the hotel we went over the agenda for our first day of camp and received our official DREAM summer camp T-shirts. It may not be green and white, but at least its in the ballpark with grey. (As Sam Wilner says, ”Right now they may be light grey, but by the end of tomorrow they will be charcoal.”)

Ready for reveille tomorrow!

The CITs


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