Quote of the day: “Every waterfall begins with a drop,”- Jon Wunderlich, DREAM Head

Dominican phrase of the day: “Que lo que?!” aka “What’s up?!”

We started the day running, heading to the DREAM Center to learn about the work the organization does. We saw hallways filled with underwater décor, a mobile library, music room, and Montessori classrooms; all spaces where DREAM works to educate and empower the surrounding community.

School's (not) out for summer.
School’s (not) out for summer.

Following our tour, we headed to the school in Sabaneta where we’ll be holding our camp come Monday, and got to know the area via a Scavenger Hunt with some of our to-be Dominican campers! Some places we saw:

  1. High school
  2. Local tire repair man (shout out to Nurvi for the great pics)
  3. Pica Polla (a fried chicken joint)
  4. Local pharmacy

We taught a camp circle game to the kids and then returned to the hotel for a quick pool dip to cool off.

The afternoon started and it was time to sweat! A component of our work here is a community service project. In our case it is restoring a basketball court at the school that was in much need of a face-lift. We painted the court in Scatico (ish) green, adding numbers and the alphabet along the edges. 2 ½ hours, 12 rollers, 15 tubs of paint, 6 water breaks, and 26 ruined soles of shoes later… we completed our b-ball court, so it will be camp ready!

Hard at work,
Hard at work,

We celebrated our hard work with a trip to the grocery store (white chocolate covered oreos, apple Gatorade, and “nutella go” containers, among the most popular/ unique purchases), before heading to local spot “La Boca.”

La Boca Timeline:

6:30 PM- Mini- zoo? An eclectic assortment of adorable puppies, iguanas, crabs, two crocodiles, a snake, and a hawk…which we feel safe saying have never had so many iphone cameras pointed at them before.

7:00 PM- Boat ride down the river. Our boats consisted of palm tree thatched roofs, and a deck full of plastic garden chairs for our relaxation. A beautiful sunset and scenery were a nice, calming change of pace.

7:45 PM- Arrival at Wilson’s Fish Shack! We were greeted with “Coco Locos” (a drink inside a coconut) and blasting music. A delicious meal of fried fish, chicken and plantains had us ready for phase 2 of Wilson’s…

Sunset smiles.
Sunset smiles.

8:30 PM- Bonfire and dance party! A group of Dominican kids from the area taught us how to dance bachata, THE most popular music and dance of the DR. We may not have the local rhythm quite down, but we had fun trying.

9:10 PM- Back on the bus, a shade pinker and ready for TAKE (our new card game obsession…we’re still kinda figuring out the rules).

Hasta Mañana!

The CITs


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