We loaded onto a coach bus with our old pal and former driver from Lake Placid, Cyrus, whose jokes have not changed (“sadly” Zach Wayne.) We rolled into the JFK Sheraton hotel at 9:30 PM and enjoyed a brief orientation and a mere 6 hours of sleep before it was time to head to the airport. We awoke at 5:00 excited for the eventful day ahead of us. Said adios to airport Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks, and a three hour flight later, said hola to the DR!

Getting ready for take off!
Getting ready for take off!

Our first day started when we landed and our DREAM team Otto, Adonis and Jason greeted us at the airport in Puerto Plata. In our 90’s throwback coach bus we got our first glimpse of the DR, before arriving at the INFOTEP hotel.

Things we learned at our hotel orientation:

1. 45 dominican pesos is $1

2. There ARE tarantulas here, but they “move slow”

3. Don’t lick a poisonous bull frog

4. Don’t be offended when men whistle at you

5. We’re living in the community some of our DR campers are from

After orientation we took a long walk on the beach and cooled off in our pool before dinner where we celebrated our friend Sachs’ (according to the spelling on the cake) bday. Feliz 16 Wayne!!

Pool volleyball.
Buddy check pool!
Starting off on the right foot.
Starting off on the right foot.

We finished our first day by preparing for the upcoming week at camp and naming our new pet cat, Aziz.

Stay posted for more updates!


The CITs



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